How to Curl Your Lashes Like a Pro

Sup ladies! Here are 5 simple steps to curl your lashes like a pro:

Step# 1: Start with a lash curler that has a silicone strip.

Step# 2: Use your hair dryer on the high-heat setting and direct the hot hair on the silicone strip.

Step# 3: Looking into a mirror, tilt your chin up as high as possible, looking straight in the mirror and place the heated lash curler between your lashes, close to the base of the lash line. Squeeze the lash curler between your lashes for a count of five to seven seconds. Release the lash curler.

Step# 4: Next, move the lash curler between your lashes in the middle of your lashes (between the lash line and top of lashes) and squeeze the lash curler for another count of five to seven seconds.

Step# 5: Lastly, repeat the technique outlined above on the very tips (or top) of your lashes.

Stick with this guide and your lashes will have the perfect curl and be ready for mascara :)

Watch video for more details

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