Unisex Bikini Jeans

Do you like to show off your body? Well  there's a new trend this summer promising to rival any other trend you've ever experience in your lifetime. I'm not a trendy kinda guy but this one trend definitely caught my attention just like my skateboarding era.

Unlike my skateboarding days I won't be pursuing this one anytime soon, and that is the Bikini Jeans that are becoming increasingly (depending on how you look at it) popular since 2009. It is exactly what you think it is… or maybe anyway. It’s basically a pair of really low cut jeans with jeans bikini bottoms (or tangas) attached to them. Yeah, it sounds a little dodgy, doesn’t it? Well, there are people out there who really love this kind of weirdness

I'm told the Bikini Jeans are the perfect beachwear if you want to sport the denim but not pull on the full pair of jeans you bought for winter. Maybe this is something created for voyeuristic types who enjoy the attention the Bikini Jeans will generate. Maybe they will go well with our last post  ThingThong. What do you think?


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