THE FACE BRA sleeping mask promising sweet dreams

Don’t laugh at the Face Bra like I did. It’s a funny example of human creativity at its best. Release just this month the Face Bra should fit perfectly on anyone's list of weird items to buy. This is one of these creations that was not suppose  to  hit the market or go viral. But as we’ve witness in the past, those are usually the products that gain popularity. And with good reasons. I'll explain.

Have you ever heard of  BEATE UShse? Neither have I.  It’s a German company that sells adult entertainment like sex toys, lingerie and clothing.  The company will be hosting a lingerie show in Paris sometime this year, at the same time come up with a creative way to invite global clients to their show.  So they hired  award-winning agency: Interone  to craft an original concept..

As you guessed it, this request gave birth to the FACE BRA ! An inspiration of Beate Uhse’s most popular products which is send as an invitation to their clients.  It’s a small gift specifically design to make the client’s trip to Paris worthwhile. I guess clients love the product so much because they’ve purchase mass quantity to share with co-workers. With such success  Beate Uhse  is considering  the possibility of adding this unusual face mask to their regular product line. Do you think the Face Bra deserve all the buzz it’s getting in the market place?

Svetlana Koslov is the founder and CEO of Info Oomph, a trendy internet news outlet that reports weekly on the latest developments in finance, fashion, technology, and all things human interest. Her understanding of SEO has provide an edge getting this website to rank high in the search engines. Her modeling and fashion background has given her a super edge when designing new systems and features for Info Oomph. Since the development of solid and stable code depends entirely on their structure and implemented procedures. Svetlana currently resides in Miami Beach, Fl.

How To Turn Plumber’s Crack Into Sexy Cleavage

What went trough your mind the first time you saw a plumber's crack? I'll bet my life savings that for most you the experience was nothing short of Gross! Do they expose their butt cleavage on purpose or is it just part of their profession.? I guess I'll never find out the answer since I don't know any plumber personally!

These awesomely creative t-shirts seem to turn their undesired crack into a cool butt cleavage. Sure, it’s butt cleavage, but it’s so clever that you’ll almost forget you are looking at a plumber’s butt. The only Unfortunate part to this is that these t-shirts were only created for this photo shoot.

An Ad agency Scholz & Friends came up with this concept in 2011, and photographer Markus Mueller and Art Director Michael Johne made it all come together. They took these pictures in one day at different locations in Berlin. The client who got to benefit from this brilliant advertising was Das Handwerk, which is a German union for handcraft companies. And, in case you are wondering, none of these pictures were photoshoped. Would you wear one these t-shirts with your butt hanging out of your pants?

Svetlana Koslov is the founder and CEO of Info Oomph, a trendy internet news outlet that reports weekly on the latest developments in finance, fashion, technology, and all things human interest. Her understanding of SEO has provide an edge getting this website to rank high in the search engines. Her modeling and fashion background has given her a super edge when designing new systems and features for Info Oomph. Since the development of solid and stable code depends entirely on their structure and implemented procedures. Svetlana currently resides in Miami Bea

How To Type Faster On Your iPhone (Tutorial)

Are you challenged by the iPhone touchscreen instead of a physical keyboard?
The new iPhone accessories solve this problem with the help of the bluetooth feature which the iPhone offers. But, for some folks, the challenge of trying to learn how to type faster was one they would happily take on. However getting the hang of a touch based keyboard isn’t exactly the easiest tasks, and it takes a while to get used to the spacing between the keys. For some folks though, the challenge has become somewhat of a competition, making them lightning fast typists who are hard to compete with.

If you just want to get faster in order to save some time then a few pointers would surely fuel your confidence, right? Well, there are actually quite a few ways you can optimize your typing and become a whole lot faster. It doesn’t have to be such a big change, and the way you are doing it now could easily work as a platform to build your skills. It’s mainly just about learning a few workarounds which will also make switching between different key sets a lot easier since some of these time savers you probably didn’t know about.

Here's a tutorial created by Howcast , was first released when the iPhone iOS 3 was introduced to the public.You should realize it makes perfect sense to have a look at it now as well since the functionalities are pretty much the same today. So have a look at this short video tutorial to master it, and you will find that before long you will be a master typist with skills that most people will marvel over. It’s all about practice though. The more you practice, the faster you will become. Don’t put it off just because you feel a little slow in the beginning. Once you have started to implement these shortcuts, you will notice a huge change in the time it takes for you to type your messages and emails on the iPhone.Good luck!



DOLLHOUSE NEWS: Barbie just find out Ken is gay!!

Seeing all the creative interpretations of a modern day Barbie and Ken relationship over the past few years has been just as much fun as playing with those dolls when I was a little kid. We’ve written about Barbie dealing with relevant issues like teen pregnancy, drugs, binge drinking and sex. We’ve even written about Barbie as a serial killer. Since it’s always done in a sarcastic kind of way, it’s been great fun to write those articles.
One thing we haven’t touched on is what it would be like if Barbie found out that Ken was gay. Hey, it happens, right? Besides, Ken always seemed kind of gay to me anyway. Photographer Dina Goldstein decided to take this project on, and I couldn’t image it done any better.
She used real models which she then Photoshopped and put into what seems like a real Barbie dreamhouse (hey, I used to have one of those!). On her website, Dina wrote, “… partner K is grappling with his sexuality and finds himself in a loveless marriage. He struggles with his position in the household and faces his lack of authenticity.” Barbie, don’t cut all your hair off and cry, you’ll fall in love again. Just get yourself a Facebook account and find another man. There are plenty of fish in the sea. You can learn more about Dina and see some great behind the scenes footage on her website. I heard there is even a new web series called Life In The Dreamhouse. I guess people really can’t get enough of Barbie.   



A futuristic Underwater Nightclub

I received an unusual request the other day from a reader of this blog that I'd like to share with you..We read each and everyone of our emails to find and post stories you'd find most interesting.

Last week, one of our readers named Rita sent us a video clip that she found when she was surfing the web. It’s so unconventional yet interesting and quite futuristic that I had to share it with you. It’s really brilliant what the creators of this were able to fit into a one minute and fourteen second video.

This is a promo for an underwater nightclub in NYC that doesn’t really exist (although the technology is available so it could exist). It is part of an ad campaign created by Thinkmodo for TechnoMarine watches. Yup, this is to promote an underwater watch. You’ll see the little TechnoMarine logo in various places in this video (like on the cups they are drinking from and in the lights on the walls). If you click over to Social Times, you can read a fascinating article with a short interview about how they made this. It took three days, and so for three days this place really existed. My only question is, how would you go to the bathroom in a nightclub like this?

Unisex Bikini Jeans

Do you like to show off your body? Well  there's a new trend this summer promising to rival any other trend you've ever experience in your lifetime. I'm not a trendy kinda guy but this one trend definitely caught my attention just like my skateboarding era.

Unlike my skateboarding days I won't be pursuing this one anytime soon, and that is the Bikini Jeans that are becoming increasingly (depending on how you look at it) popular since 2009. It is exactly what you think it is… or maybe anyway. It’s basically a pair of really low cut jeans with jeans bikini bottoms (or tangas) attached to them. Yeah, it sounds a little dodgy, doesn’t it? Well, there are people out there who really love this kind of weirdness

I'm told the Bikini Jeans are the perfect beachwear if you want to sport the denim but not pull on the full pair of jeans you bought for winter. Maybe this is something created for voyeuristic types who enjoy the attention the Bikini Jeans will generate. Maybe they will go well with our last post  ThingThong. What do you think?

Thing-Thong: Emergency swimwear for men

The human mind is amazing!! I just witness one of the weirdest and most awesome product creation of the human mind. It’s quite funny really since the most unearthly products usually get the best traction. It’s like all of us are screaming for something different. Maybe we are all bored to death with the ordinary and everyday products that we pretty much know all about before they are even launched. This posting is about something that I know you wouldn’t have guessed would become a “product”, at least not in this century..

Introducing: The Thing-Thong, a new type of emergency swimwear for men. It’s designed by mind traveler Douglas Hamilton, and it is one of those creations that will have you laughing your heart out. If you’ve ever gotten down to the beach and then realized you forgot your swimming trunks, you know how completely useless the beach can be. But with these "MacGyver" flip-flops, you now don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Just slip one of them on and go swimming. You can have the other one as spare or lend it to one of your friends. It will cover your privates and cover a minimal amount of skin in order for you to get the “perfect” tan. Your manhood is not included with this thing unfortunately. Next time you find yourself in a serious loss of swimwear, just pull these up and you’ll be included in the fun again. Well, actually, I think you will BE the fun at the beach for all your friends. At least you will have a good story to tell later on, right? And besides, if you are not the one getting the most attention on the beach, you must clearly be at the wrong one.

Great love song by Destom: Love signs

Great song and video by hip-hop artist "Destorm." By Far one of the coolest videos Destorm produce..And what better day for Destorm to release love signs then Valentine's day

What Snooki looks like without makeup

Can you guess what Snooki would look like without several layers of bronzer, human made eyelashes and a permanent smoky eye?

Wonder no more. The 24-year-old Jersey Shore star unveiled a makeup-free face on Twitter Wednesday, letting her natural beauty flare out.

Fans praised the MTV star's fresh-faced look, prompting the 4-foot-9 "Princess of Poughkeepsie" to express her gratitude via the social networking site.
"Can I just say how amazing my fans/supporters are!" Polizzi wrote. "You guys really know how to put a smile on my face! Love you all beyond words."

Polizzi's makeunder comes just weeks after her costar, Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola, went au naturale for an photo shoot.
Tell Us: Does Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi look better without makeup?


p90x reviews women

P90X is a 90 day at home fitness program design by Tony Horton to help any one achieve and surpass physical excellence. The P90x workouts uses the concept of “muscle confusion” to prevent hitting a plateau in your training. P90x emphasize cardio, strength training, core training, and flexibility into one. The program has three “rotations”—classic, lean, and doubles, I did the classic so this review will be focusing on that rotation.

The program not only gives you amazing workouts, but it gives you a guide to better understand optimal eating. Along with the guide it provides an easy list of foods that are more and less favorable to consume while working out. There are the obvious good foods such as fruits and vegetables, and then there are the obvious bad foods such as pastries, desserts, and soda pop.

I really like the food guide though because there are five levels of foods and it explains to you which ones you can have all the time and which ones you should consume in moderation or not at all.
The workouts are extremely intense but very effective. If you follow along as best you can throughout the workout your stamina will improve and so will your overall fitness. I began seeing results after the first two weeks. They weren’t dramatic, but all good things take time, and it made me feel good knowing that things were starting to change. The workout routines run from around 50 minutes to 80 minutes depending on which routine you're doing. This time also includes a five to ten minute warm up and a five to ten minute cool down. P90x recommends you do a minimum of six workout routines a week with the seventh day left as a stretch day or a do an optional relaxation day.
Unlike I expected, the p90x workouts were fun. I never felt bored, or that I was doing the same thing day after day. You target a new group of muscles each day so you never over work any certain area, but you will be sore for the first week or so. Tony Horton is also a very engaging instructor and host. He has a light and comical aura that made me laugh throughout the workouts. He also made me feel compelled to work my hardest and finish the workouts, even when I was exhausted. But he also always stresses good form and quitting before you hurt yourself. He is so likable, I almost felt as though he would know I was quitting and would be disappointed at me. P90X is a very worthwhile workout routine.

The online help and support you get is wonderful too. You can chat with fellow P90X’ers and find helpful tips, tricks, and recipes to help you continue your weight loss or fitness journey. They also offer daily prizes in the “Million Dollar Body Game” like iPods, digital camera’s and more for just logging your daily workouts on your Beachbody account that comes with p90x. One of the main things that sold me about P90x was the 90 day money back guarantee. If I was not 100% happy I could get my money back, however I was much happier than I could have imagined.

If you're looking to trade in your body for a brand new one, you should definitely buy p90x

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