Thing-Thong: Emergency swimwear for men

The human mind is amazing!! I just witness one of the weirdest and most awesome product creation of the human mind. It’s quite funny really since the most unearthly products usually get the best traction. It’s like all of us are screaming for something different. Maybe we are all bored to death with the ordinary and everyday products that we pretty much know all about before they are even launched. This posting is about something that I know you wouldn’t have guessed would become a “product”, at least not in this century..

Introducing: The Thing-Thong, a new type of emergency swimwear for men. It’s designed by mind traveler Douglas Hamilton, and it is one of those creations that will have you laughing your heart out. If you’ve ever gotten down to the beach and then realized you forgot your swimming trunks, you know how completely useless the beach can be. But with these "MacGyver" flip-flops, you now don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Just slip one of them on and go swimming. You can have the other one as spare or lend it to one of your friends. It will cover your privates and cover a minimal amount of skin in order for you to get the “perfect” tan. Your manhood is not included with this thing unfortunately. Next time you find yourself in a serious loss of swimwear, just pull these up and you’ll be included in the fun again. Well, actually, I think you will BE the fun at the beach for all your friends. At least you will have a good story to tell later on, right? And besides, if you are not the one getting the most attention on the beach, you must clearly be at the wrong one.


Monir Khan said...

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