How To Turn Plumber’s Crack Into Sexy Cleavage

What went trough your mind the first time you saw a plumber's crack? I'll bet my life savings that for most you the experience was nothing short of Gross! Do they expose their butt cleavage on purpose or is it just part of their profession.? I guess I'll never find out the answer since I don't know any plumber personally!

These awesomely creative t-shirts seem to turn their undesired crack into a cool butt cleavage. Sure, it’s butt cleavage, but it’s so clever that you’ll almost forget you are looking at a plumber’s butt. The only Unfortunate part to this is that these t-shirts were only created for this photo shoot.

An Ad agency Scholz & Friends came up with this concept in 2011, and photographer Markus Mueller and Art Director Michael Johne made it all come together. They took these pictures in one day at different locations in Berlin. The client who got to benefit from this brilliant advertising was Das Handwerk, which is a German union for handcraft companies. And, in case you are wondering, none of these pictures were photoshoped. Would you wear one these t-shirts with your butt hanging out of your pants?

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