Mineral Makeup

Hypoallergenic Makeup for Sensitive Skin

These tips on choosing a safe mineral makeup for sensitive skin will tell you the pros and cons of using minerals, how to choose the best hypoallergenic makeup to avoid skin break outs, and which ingredients to stay away from if you have sensitive skin.

In addition we'll share with you some tips on how to apply mineral and hypoallergenic makeup for best results, depending on your skin type!
We're also in the process of adding some mineral makeup reviews and other tips that will help you to find makeup that will work for your skin.

The Challenge of Finding Safe Cosmetics

Mineral makeup is becoming more popular as more women learn about safe cosmetics and about the importance of using non-toxic products on their skin. Since our bodies absorb anything we apply to our bodies or our face, it is wise to make safer choices!

For those of us with sensitive skin, it can be quite a challenge to find healthier and safer alternatives to traditional makeup, so we can look and feel beautiful without harmful chemicals.
The ONLY way to find what will work for your sensitive skin is to do your best to avoid ingredients that are irritating to your skin.

I am still working on find a completely safe mineral cosmetics line. So far the one brand I use has only SOME safe mineral makeup products. Their loose mineral powders and newer products are all safe, and the older products like the liquid foundation contain parabens and propelyne glycol.
The other brand I use has one loose minerals product which is very safe.
So, it's a process and I am searching now to find the safest brands to share with you. I have included links below to those products which I know are safe.

Finding a Non-Toxic Hypoallergenic Makeup

Will mineral makeup work for your sensitive skin? The only way to know is to give it a try!
Not all mineral makeups are created alike. Some brands have quite a number of chemical irritants and can actually cause skin rashes and outbreaks!
Most mineral cosmetics contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which are considered reltively safe ingredients by most standards, although some people have concerns about both of these ingredients and especially titanium dioxide.
From what I understand as I've researched this, the problem with these ingredients starts when they are micronized, which means the particles are made smaller and finer so the makeup goes on smoother.

This process creates ultrafine particles which are also known as nanoparticles. The problem with micronized forms of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide is that these normally safe substances, when reduced in size, develop the capacity to enter the cells of the body.
These ultrafine nano particles can enter any part of the body, including the lungs and nervous system, which can cause not only irritation and rashes, but worse consequences such as DNA damage to the cells.
Not all cosmetic companies will tell you whether they are using nanoparticles in their makeup. You need to find a company you can trust that makes truly hypoallergenic makeup which avoids the ingredients such as nanoparticles, parabens, fragrances, artificial colorings, bismuth oxychloride and other allergens that can irritate your sensitive skin. We have some tips below on how to choose the best mineral makeup for sensitive skin.
Most mineral makeups come in loose mineral form, which generally has the purest ingredients. Like any new product that you try, please do a skin test on the inside of your arm or behind your ear first, before applying it to your face.

Read the Labels!

Not all hypoallergenic makeups are created with non-toxic and non-irritating ingredients. Be sure to read the labels on your loose minerals to learn whether your brand of makeup is really safe, or whether it contains ingredients which can create irritation for the skin.
For tips on how to do this, please see our Safe Cosmetics Guide which will give you a general idea of the ingredients that are most likely to cause skin problems.
Coming up next, I have created several sections with helpful tips on how to choose the best mineral makeup for your sensitive skin, and how to apply it according to your skin type and the kind of coverage you want on your face.

Benefits of Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup offers many unique benefits which is why so many women are using it now! Here are just a few of the reasons why.
  • It contains many of the same ingredients as traditional makeup, but without toxic ingredients.
  • It is useful for all skin types including very sensitive skin.
  • Some of the main ingredients are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which are anti-inflammatory.
  • It can reduce redness for skin that has acne or rosacea.
  • Most brands will allow your skin to breathe, and will not clog your pores. For this reason it does not aggravate acne the way traditional makeup would.
  • Loose minerals offer long lasting coverage. Although some advertisements promise that you can sleep with your makeup on, I wouldn't recommend this! Even if your makeup is safe, your skin needs to rest, rejuvenate and to be free to restore itself naturally.
  • It evens out your skin tone and offers a lightweight coverage with a natural look and feel.
  • The ingredients offer natural sunscreen protection, and have an SPF (sun protection factor) of 15 to 25 depending on the brand. Still, I recommend you use sunscreen under your makeup to be extra sure, as sun does age your skin and create wrinkles. Take it from me! :-)
  • It also protects skin against environmental pollutants by creating a safe barrier that prevents toxins from being absorbed.

Drawbacks of Mineral Makeup

Every person's skin is completely unique, and not everyone has had a great experience using mineral makeup.
  • Some people find that loose minerals can be drying for their skin. If this is he case for you, see our makeup application tips below for a unique solution which may solve your problem!
  • People with sensitive skin may find even the natural ingredients in some brands can be irritating. Some people are allergic to botanicals and plants, so natural skin care products can cause irritation. This depends entirely on your unique skin, and also on the brand of cosmetics you are using.
    Be sure to choose a hypoallergenic makeup with safe, non-irritating ingredients for best results. See our free Safe Cosmetics Guide which will show you exactly which ingredients tend to most irritate sensitive skin.
  • Some people with darker skin complain that mineral makeup creates an ashy undertone to the skin. In this case, you need to choose some different colors, or find a company that makes hypoallergenic loose minerals for darker skin.
  • Some women feel that the minerals accentuates their wrinkles! I've had this trouble myself. If you have found this to be a problem, you may not be applying the makeup correctly. Check our application tips below.
    Another way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles when using mineral cosmetics is to mix your loose minerals with your moisturizing cream so that the minerals do not settle in the folds of your skin.
    Also, try using a cosmetic line that offers a separate hypoallergenic concealer product that is made specifically for blemishes and wrinkles.

How to Choose a Mineral Makeup for Sensitive Skin

There are no safety regulations for cosmetics, personal care products or makeup, so it is up to us read labels carefully!
  • Some of the ingredients to avoid include dyes, carmines, fragrance, propylene glycol, talc, bismuth oxychloride, petroleum derivatives, methylparaben, propylparaben, and urea.
    These ingredients are all irritating to sensitive skin and are not necessary in the formulations. There are safer ingredients that will so the job and help you to look great without adding more stress to your skin!
  • Avoid nanoparticles, which are also known as micronized (pulverized or crushed) titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. In the micronized form, which are also called nanoparticles, these ingredients may be a health risk. In their standard form, they are safe.
  • Make sure you choose a brand which will not clog your pores! Avoid Bismuth Oxychloride which is an irritant, causes itching, acne and rashes, and can clogs your pores. Bismuth Oxychloride is often used as a binder, and is a byproduct of lead and copper processing. Do you really want a lead by-product on your face?

How to Apply Loose Minerals

Traditional makeups are pretty straightforward to apply. Open the bottle of foundation, and spread on your face. Pat a little blush on and you're good to go!
Mineral makeup is a little different and you have several options available depending on how much coverage you would like, and what looks best on your skin. Here are several different methods for applying loose minerals. Try them and see which one works best for your skin!

Mineral Makeup for Dry Skin

If your skin is dry or flaky, you can still use healthy makeup! Combine the loose mineral foundation with a pure, fragrance free hypoallergenic face cream .

Place a small amount of the loose minerals makeup powder on a clean surface, and add the face cream. Mix until you have achieved a smooth consistency, and use your fingers or a makeup wedge to apply. Voila! You will see beautiful, moist skin that will look great all day.

Loose Mineral Brush Application for Controlled Coverage

We have found that a kabuki foundation brush is the best brush for applying mineral makeup. This method will ensure that your makeup goes on smoothly with just the amount of coverage that you want.
  1. Tap a small amount of powder into the lid of the makeup jar.
  2. Swirl your foundation brush around in the minerals. It is important to work the powder deeply into the brush, as this will prevent the minerals from going on too heavy. You'll know you're doing it right if the minerals are almost invisible on your brush.
  3. Tap off any of the excess mineral powder.
  4. Dust the powder across your face. Mineral cosmetics are concentrated and so you will most likely need to use less of it than you would traditional makeups. If you prefer a heavier coverage, you can repeat the process.
  5. Use a smaller brush to apply a little more powder to problem areas that require a heavier coverage. Some companies offer special mineral concealer which is made especially for covering skin imperfections.
  6. After applying your loose minerals, you can experiment with "setting" the minerals by spraying on a fine mist of hypoallergenic facial toner and letting it dry.

Wet Sponge Mineral Application for Medium Coverage

Using a slightly damp sponge, (one that is made especially for the face) and tap the sponge into the minerals until you can see them onhe sponge. Apply your makeup in gentle, upward sweeps across the entire face.

Round Sponge or Puff Mineral Application for Full Coverage

Press a dry round sponge or makeup puff into the mineral powder makeup until half of it is covered. Fold it in half and use a small rubbing motion to distribute the minerals evenly on both sides of the puff or sponge. Gently apply the makeup to your face and repeat as needed until you have the coverage that you want.

Finding Hypoallergenic Mineral Makeup

Not all mineral makeups will work for sensitive skin. I recommend you test each new product behind your ear, or on the inside of your arm, before putting it on your face.
Some loose minerals have wonderful, natural ingredients but even natural oils and plant extracts can sometimes be irritating, depending on what you may be allergic too.
Other makeups may be very pure and non-toxic, but they work terribly! That is always a disappointment, especially because you are wearing makeup to look better, not worse! :-)
And then of course there are very pure and effective mineral makeups which work great, but they cost your entire paycheck!! Yes, unfortunately some are very expensive.
It's not always easy to find something that will work for YOUR sensitive skin AND that will also look good ... and not break the bank!
One important tip I have learned: choose a brand that a contains fewer number of ingredients.
This makes it LESS likely you will have a reaction to one of the ingredients.

Here's What I Have Found So Far

I haven't worn makeup for years and so I'm just now starting my exploration of safe cosmetics.
So far I am using a brand of hypoallergenic cosmetics that is made by a small, family owned company that I trust named Cleure which makes the only brand of hypoallergenic products that I can find that is free of fragrances and most toxic ingredients and is also free of plant and botanical allergens which can irritate sensitive skin.
Their products are also 100% salicylate free which makes them some of the gentlest and LEAST irritating I've found.
At this point in time they just came out with a new line of hypoallergenic makeup products, however their product line is in transition. They haven't yet finished updating their line and so some of their older cosmetics contain parabens and propylene glycol. These are being phased out.
I have not yet had time to personally research all the ingredients of each new product in their new cosmetics line, but I do know that they are paraben free, salicylate free, non-toxic and free of added fragrance.
The cosmetics that still contain parabens are clearly marked but I will include here the products whose ingredients I've checked out most thoroughly.

My Favorite Loose Minerals for Sensitive Skin

Loose mineral foundation - contains just a few ingredients, all of which are safe. This makes it a formula that is less likely to be irritating to sensitive skin. Can be applied with a brush or mixed with your moisturizer. Available in ten different shades.

Loose mineral blush - is available in eight different shades and contains just four ingredients. Can be dusted on or added to your moisturizer for a healthy glow.

Loose minerals eye shadow - comes in 12 different shades, and can be dusted on or added to moisture cream. Free of fragrances, dyes and other irritating chemicals.

Mineral mascara - a really excellent brand of mascara which works just like "regular" mascara but does NOT irritate your eyes.

Have you found a great brand of mineral makeup, or one that really wasn't so great? Please do share!

Jennifer Lopez rocks another bodysuit

Apparently, the flesh-toned body suit Jennifer Lopez wore during her performance at the American Music Awards last month was a hit. The 42-year-old mother of toddler twins looks incredible suited up in a similar one piece, this one black and lace, for will.i.am's new video, "T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)," for which she sings the chorus.

Despite will.i.am's spectacular special effects in the clip, the recently separated superstar rumored to be dating a much younger man steals the limelight. The Black Eyed Peas frontman catapults himself from a speeding bike, stands atop of a racing train, and flies a spaceship, but viewers will walk away remembering J. Lo.

In another sequence, Lopez flaunts stilettos, thigh-high stockings and a leotard.

These looks were first popularized by then twenty-something pop stars Britney Spears and Beyonce. Britney was strategically covered with diamonds in her "Toxic" video, and wore a two-piece nude bodysuit for the 2000 VMAs. The leotards Beyonce wore for her "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" video were just as popular as the anthemic song. But time will tell whether the ladies will be able to don the styles in 10 years when they are J. Lo's age.

The legendary Rolling  Stones singer Mick Jagger, who appears in the third verse of the song and video, following J. Lo, gets lost in the mix. Jagger, the subject of Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger," lives up this his reputation, but here J. Lo is simply too tough an act to follow.

"T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)" is the first single from will.i.am's forthcoming solo album, "#willpower," due out in 2012.

The "T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)" video is not embedded in the blog because it includes inappropriate language.


How to shape your lips

Beautifying your lips with lipliner is not only a great way to define and accentuate the shape of your lips, but also to keep your lipstick from cracking.

1. Begin applyling lipliner at the center of your natural upper lip line to define the bow then work toward the outer corners to complete the line.2. Start at one corner of your bottom lip then follow your natural lip line all the way to the other corner.
Tip: Choose a lipliner that matches your lipstick or a flesh tone shade for a soft, natural look.
Tip: To get plumper, pinker looking lips, do not touch up by drawing a hard lip line; smudge it so lips look fuller! For a more dramatic fullness, choose a lipstick shade with a hint of frost.

Tip: To avoid lipstick on your teeth, put your index finger in your mouth and then draw it out slowly with your mouth closed. What you see on your finger is what would have ended up on your teeth!

8 Beauty & Makeup Tips for the Fashion-Forward Professional

Start with the basics, like deciding what you can keep from your summer wardrobe and investing in some skincare staples. You’ll learn how to add color to a drab outfit and choose accessories for the workday, like patterned flats and fun scarves. Then, find out how to make a trendy manicure work-appropriate, experiment with fall’s favorite color picks like peach lipstick and take your look from work to play with ease.

1. Reevaluate your summer wardrobe. Don’t be sad that it’s time to bid your flirty tanks and tees goodbye until next summer – you might be able to salvage a few items to work into your winter wardrobe. Those summer tanks and tees make great layering pieces under thick sweaters or jackets. Start with a few basic winter items, like button-down sweaters. Layer a neutral sweater in grey or black over a brighter tank for a punch of color on dark days. You might be able to wear some of your favorite skirts with tights, as well.

2. Invest in skincare staples. It might not seem as fun as playing with makeup, but caring for your skin this winter will make a big difference in how you look and feel. The best foundation in the world won’t make a difference if your skin is chapped, cracked and red, and you can bet that your trendy manicure won’t fare so well if your hands are desert dry. A regular regimen of gentle cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing will have your skin ready for the winter. Try:
  • Cleanser: A moisturizing cleanser like Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk won’t strip your skin of crucial moisture.
  • Exfoliator: Choose a mild scrub with smooth, round beads that won’t irritate, like SkinCeuticals BioMedic Micro-Exfoliating Scrub.
  • Moisturizer: A dose of M.D. Forte Replenish Hydrating Cream morning and night will keep your skin from getting dehydrated.
  • Body: Don’t let your face have all the fun. Lather up with a hydrating body wash like Eight Body Moisture Lavender Creme Body Wash, then follow with a scrub like Ole Henriksen Loofah Body Scrub, paying particular attention to elbows, knees and the soles of your feet.
3. Let your hands make a statement. After all the hours at the computer you’ve put in, your hands deserve some TLC. Embrace some of fall and winter’s hottest beauty looks with a trendy manicure. While many of the trends are on the bold side, you can keep it a little subtler for work by choosing softer, less intense colors. Self suggests “jewel-toned” nails this season. Try metallic or shimmery shades like bronze, copper or silver, which add some punch without being overwhelming. Try SpaRitual Nail Lacquer Mood in charcoal shimmer. Or, get creative with color, choosing shades with hints of pearly white or silver, like SpaRitual Nail Lacquer It's Raining Men.
For more how-to manicure tips, see this article: Office Manicure Trends for Fall.

4. Go from day to night with ease. The best way to wear an outfit that can easily transform from work to evening? Pair a sophisticated tank with a skirt and tights, then cover with a cardigan for workday wear, suggests the website SheKnows. For evening, lose the cardigan and spice it up with a sleek, fitted jacket or wrap sweater.

5. Wear a peach pout. Forget about the ravishing reds or deep plums. This season, a peachy-nude shade is all the rage, according to the website MSN Glo. Peach can be a flattering shade if you stay away from hues that stray too far into the orange territory. Layer a lipstick like DuWop IcedTeas White Peach with a high-shine gloss to amp up the color. Bonus points: Before you pucker up, use a lip exfoliator and hydrating balm to lock in moisture and keep your color from disappearing.

6. Try a pair of fun flats. It’s Friday, and you can’t bear the thought of wearing those toe-pinching heels for the fifth day in a row. Break out a pair of eye-catching, yet comfy and work-appropriate, flats, suggests Marie Claire. With their subtle shape, a pair of flats can be a standout accessory without looking too flashy. Try patterned, textured or sequined flats, or a solid pair in navy, grey or taupe.

7. Brighten up a dull complexion. A pale, washed-out complexion is inevitable for some women during the winter months. Add a dose of radiance with a bold cheek color. A cheek stain will give you a subtle glow without looking artificial. Try a long-lasting formula like DuWop Cheek Venom Diamondback.

8. Make accessories work for you. Sometimes all it takes to transform your office look from blah to beautiful are a few key accessories. Whether you prefer bangles or beads, a few carefully chosen pieces will help you keep up with the trends this season. You can also add a scarf that complements the shade of your blouse, or a belt in a deep, rich hue.
While you can’t treat your workplace like a fashion show, there’s no reason that you have to save your sense of style for the weekends. Keep your look classy and sophisticated by taking care of your skin and making smart choices when it comes to clothing and cosmetics.

SOURCE: Skincare-news.com team

Top beauty trends from London Fashion Week

UK-based guest blogger Jo-ann Fortune reports on the top beauty trends from the London Fashion Week (LFW) runways. To celebrate all things British, we’re also offering one lucky reader the chance to win a 50ml bottle of Vivienne Westwood Boudoir perfume. All you have to do is LIKE Beyond Beauty Basics (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Beyond-Beauty-Basics/97980029268) on Facebook and tell us your favorite London Fashion Week trends in the comments below! A winner will be picked Friday October 21st at 3pm EST. (US participants only, winners must respond to winner notification email within 24hrs to claim prize).

Affording women the power to change their look or make a statement on a budget, lip colour has been prominent on the catwalks throughout the recession, and looks set to get even brighter in s/s12. While models on the Erdem, Christopher Raeburn and Jasper Conran runways sported more conventional red bee-sting lips, Ashish went gothic with deep mauve and Mary Katrantzou’s models made their mark with blue and green pouts. Look out for highlighter bright shades.


Blush is back! Rosy pink cheeks graced the LFW catwalks, with models on the Issa and Meadham Kirchoff runways promoting pretty peach highlights as a statement beauty style to complement their candy coloured dresses. If this look is a bit too girly for you, you could always take a leaf out of Danielle Scott’s book and perfect the tribal trend with a bold block of colour under one eye. Did someone say Nelly?

Three big eye make up trends came out of the LFW shows last month: sultry Sixties style, colour pop and metallic. Models on the Bora Aksu, House of Holland and Holly Fulton catwalks showcased heavily kholled eyes with rich red shadow for smoky effect, while Clements Ribeiro and Meadham Kirchhoff went for bold colour pops in pink, green and blue and Vivienne Westwood dramatic shimmer eye colour which exploded out onto brows and cheeks.

Mirroring the beauty press and pop world’s current obsession with nail colour, the LFW stylists made sure that their looks were bold and bright right down to the details. Issa and Holly Fulton went for paint in one of s/s12’s hottest colours, coral, while the latter again borrowed from the aqua palette for turquoise nails. Riffing on the nature trend, Vivienne Westwood’s models sported green talons in a spectrum of lush summery shades.

So if LFW beauty looks are anything to go by for next summer, it’s time to invest in some statement make up!
All images courtesy of MPDClick.com

The Top 10 Most Searched Fashion Brands in 2011

Bing just released their list of the top-searched fashion brands for 2011 and the results were really surprising. Thankfully the Kardashian Kollection did not make the cut. Whew. But even mainstream staples like Levi's, Converse, and Uggs weren't on the list! Believe it or not, the most-searched labels were primarily higher end designers. (Hey, we may not be able to afford them all, but we can still look, right?) Here is the list of the top 10 searched fashion brands of the year:

1. Gucci
2. Ralph Lauren
3. Y-3
4. Louis Vuitton
5. Chanel
5. Guess
7. J.Crew
8. Coco Chanel
9. John Galliano
10. Burberry

OK, first of all, Y-3? Really? We know men in particular love Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto's Adidas sportswear collaboration (the line launched in 2003) but we had no idea it was still so popular. Also we would have thought Louis Vuitton would be more popular than Gucci. It's no real surprise that ladies love Chanel so much-from handbags to nail polish-the brand nabbed not one but two spots on the list. We'd guess all the recent movies and books about designer Coco Chanel helped catapult her name to the top. J.Crew gaining a top position may be attributed to a cheery winter campaign and some love from first lady Michelle Obama. And finally we think we know why John Galliano made the list. The designer's anti-semitic rant was widely reported on and caused him to lose his job as the head designer of Dior.

So there you have it, the top 10 most-searched brands on Bing. But which are your FAVORITE brands of the year? Please tell us which labels you love most in the comments.

SOURCE: Yahoo. Fashion News

The sexiest shoe of the year: Valentino's lace peep-toe pump

Amazing!!! Valentino's Platform Lace Pump was voted the sexiest shoe of 2011. The heel sells for $695.- Throughout history many women from Imelda Marcos to Carrie Bradshaw to Suri Cruise have had a love affair with their shoes . Most of us have a pair we could name as our favorite, but what about the sexiest? According to Women’s Wear Daily , Footwear News and Saks Fifth Avenue polled 35,000 voters on the sexiest shoe of 2011, and Valentino ’s lace-embroider

As always I welcome your feedback! Please Leave a comment!

Nicki Minaj & Ricky Martin Get Glam For MAC

Super stars collaborating isn't a new thing folks — Artist lend their famous names to a brand to help boost buzz and bring in a new demographic. This year alone we've seen everything from a Muppets nail polish line with OPI to Sofia Vergara's unlikely collection for Kmart. But one of the most longstanding and successful celebrity collaborations is also one of the industry's most respected: MAC's Viva Glam campaign.

These campains are created to help raise funds and awareness for AIDS research, past collabs have featured everyone from Lady Gaga to Lil' Kim. This year's faces of the campaign are none other than Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin. The minute we heard the news, we knew the pictures were going to be amazing. Shot by the brilliant David LaChapelle, this teaser gives us a taste of the Viva Glam collection that will launch in February (with profits going to the MAC AIDS Fund).

Who has been your favorite celebrity spokesperson of all time?

How to Curl Your Lashes Like a Pro

Sup ladies! Here are 5 simple steps to curl your lashes like a pro:

Step# 1: Start with a lash curler that has a silicone strip.

Step# 2: Use your hair dryer on the high-heat setting and direct the hot hair on the silicone strip.

Step# 3: Looking into a mirror, tilt your chin up as high as possible, looking straight in the mirror and place the heated lash curler between your lashes, close to the base of the lash line. Squeeze the lash curler between your lashes for a count of five to seven seconds. Release the lash curler.

Step# 4: Next, move the lash curler between your lashes in the middle of your lashes (between the lash line and top of lashes) and squeeze the lash curler for another count of five to seven seconds.

Step# 5: Lastly, repeat the technique outlined above on the very tips (or top) of your lashes.

Stick with this guide and your lashes will have the perfect curl and be ready for mascara :)

Watch video for more details

PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT!! I enjoy making this blog post for you :)

Beyonce's makeup tutorial

Beyonce’s makeup from the BDAY ALBUM COVER What she utilised: COLORS Used ARE MATT BASE- Mac Paint Pot in bare study Janes Shade stick in “my boyfriend” Jane BE Pure Mineral powder-fall out Sephora Mat Black Eyeshadow Sehpora Eyeshadow Taupe?! Highlight Color- Ulta in silk Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner pencil in black Red Cherry Lashes Maybelline Lashe stiletto Mascara Mac Fluidline in blacktrack Contouring & Hightlight- Mac Sculpt and Shape in bone beige Milani Sunset beach Blush Barbie loves mac beauty powder- pearl blossom Ulta Sheer lipstick in Sheer Nude Sephora Lip liner in flesh Mac eyebrow pencil in lingering.


How to create zombie Makeup

For thousands of years makeup has been used by women to enhance beauty, it has also been utilized in the movies to create special effects. One of the most important visual effects in zombie movies is the dramatic, appetence of rotting flesh wounds, dried blood, and pealing skin and other bodily lesions created by using cosmetic makeup. Makeup can make a happy little blond girl look like an intimidating pale walking corpse ready to feast on the living.

Zombie makeup can be a bit tricky without knowing where to start. With the right tools most gory wounds can be a much easier than you think. Here are a few tips to help you with your zombie special effects makeup.


Most tools used for creating gruesome zombie special effects don’t have to be expensive. Don’t rush off and buy an expensive “professional” special effects makeup kit. Here are some basic products and information:

Some application tools are going to be required to put the makeup on. Try not to buy expensive brushes because they will get ruined. Don’t use fine art brushes; they will clump up easily and quickly become useless. Cheap children’s paint brushes work just fine. Other household items such as sponges, combs or anything else you can imagine can be great for creating interesting textures, just know that these items will probably need to be thrown away when finished.

Selecting the right makeup is easy. Don’t use normal women’s cosmetic makeup it is usually very expensive. Most costume or Halloween shops sell greasepaints, cream and powders for relatively cheap and they work great. Keep in mind if using greasepaints its good to have a powder to help set it, baby powder works great.

One of the most impressive features of zombie effects are the gashing wounds. Liquid Latex is the best way to make these realistic, thin Elmer’s glue or PVA glue are not as convincing but still get the job done if needed. It is important to spread latex thin, if done so it will dry clear and have better results. Other Prosthetic adhesives such as spirit gum can be used to fix random items on to the skin for long periods of time.

Other items can be used for a wide range of effects. Toilet paper is good for creating more textured and rippled looks. Cables, cut plastic bottles, candles, pretty much anything imaginable can be used to have some kind of effect. Zombies wouldn’t be quit as disgusting without oozing blood. Fake blood is cheap in can usually be found in the same places as the greasepaints and makeup. Even cheaper alternatives can be made at home by using red food coloring and corn syrup, some powders such as Kool-Aid and cocoa powder can help giver richer colors and also helps to give a clotting look.


Makeup for Oily Skin

We can't all be blessed with normal skin. Unfortunately, for many of us, oily skin is our struggle. On the positive side, those with oily skin have skin that doesn't show the signs of aging as quickly as other skin types. So, when life gives you lemons, create lemon juice and water to apply on oily skin. Rinse with warm water.
Oily skin can occur at different stages in your life; adolescence, pregnancy, and menopause. Hormones can play a role in oily skin. Oily skin is characterized by large pores, dullness, a grease-like appearance, and roughness. The sebaceous gland produces excess oil thus giving the skin the shine associated with oily skin.
Washing the face several times a day can make the situation worse, causing the gland to produce even more oil. Choosing the right skin regimen and makeup for oily skin is not as difficult as it might seem.


Identifying Your Skin Type

  It is important to know your skin type. Examine your face closely. Do you see large pores, flakes, or redness? Each can indicate a different skin type or be indicators of oily skin. Take a tissue to your face and blot. Did you absorb oil? If your self-examination reveals large pores and oil on the tissue, you could have oily skin.   The redness can be from excessive washing or sensitive skin. I have combination skin. It is very oily with large pores in the t-zone and dry around my cheeks. If you are still unsure, consult a dermatologist or aesthetician.


Taking Care of Oily Skin

Caring for your skin now will provide benefits for the future. Your skin will thank you five years from now. Know how to take care of you skin, both inside and out. It is important to drink water so that the skin remains hydrated. Taking vitamins, especially vitamin B2 and B5 will also help your body. These vitamins can help the skin look more radiant and improve paleness.

Products for Preparing Oily Skin for Makeup

When cleansing, use an oil-based cleanser since it will help dissolve oil better. Do not use harsh cleaners that leave the skin feeling tight. This tightness will restrict oil flow and lead to clogged pores later. Also, massage the face when cleansing to avoid pushing dirt and oil into the pores. Scrubbing will clog the pores. Rinse with warm water to help dissolve oil. Use a mud or clay mask one or two times a week.
Read labels. Look for products that are for oily skin. Avoid products that contain alcohol since alcohol dries the skin. Petroleum based products such as mineral oil   contain too much oil and can further clog pores. Use astringents containing acetone. Acetone dissolves oil better.   Moisturizers need to be oil-free. You may only need to moisturize certain areas such as around the eyes. Mature skin will need to moisturize the entire face.
I find that applying cucumber juice before applying makeup helps my skin's appearance. Witch-hazel will do the same. Both are excellent ways to create a more balanced ph for the skin. You may even want to spritz lavender water on your face several times a day. It is a good hydrator for oily skin as well as providing antiseptic properties.

Makeup for Oily Skin
Read labels. There are some items that should be avoided and some items that you should look for in makeup for oily skin.   There are certain makeup companies that are known for their work in designing products for specific skin types. I recommend Clinique .   It has a reputation for excellent care and products. I also like Jane Iredale Cosmetics . This is a mineral based line used by many dermatologists.

1. Avoid products containing oil from petroleum. This includes mineral oil. Use oil-free makeup or makeup that is intended to benefit oily skin.

2. Avoid makeup that contains alcohol. Alcohol will strip the skin of oil, which may cause the body to produce even more.

3. Look for ingredients such as bismuth oxychloride and dimenthicone. Both can clog pores and may cause blemishes. These are commonly found in foundation or powder based products.

1. Find foundations that contain titanium dioxide, a naturally occurring sun protector.
  2. Makeup for oily skin should contain serecite to reduce the appearance of pores and help absorb oil.
  3. Kaolin clay added in foundation will help oil control.
  4. Zinc oxide used in makeup will act as an anti-inflammatory.
  A makeup artist will use products designed for a customer's skin type in order to promote healthy skin. It is equally important for the makeup artist to become familiar with products and ingredients for specific skin care. Knowing how to take care of a customer's skin will benefit the client and the makeup artist's reputation.


Fantasy Makeup

Fantasy makeup offers an opportunity to use vivid and extreme colors and ideas. It’s creative makeup at its best. There are no limitations and you can draw inspiration from anywhere!

Fantasy Makeup Designs
In this section of the Makeup Notebook you’ll find a number of makeup tips to push your design skills beyond limits.
The emphasis is on using cosmetics to create your designs.
With a few simple tricks you can alter makeup and use it to transform your look for photos and special events.
Then use wild colored contact lenses to enhance your look.
Take your vivid colors and your eye makeup brushes and get started today!



"Go wild with eye makeup and colored contacts!"


Fantasy Makeup Looks

Fairy Makeup – For the little girl in all of us the new focus on fairy makeup brings back memories of enchanted childhoods. Learn to create fairy makeup with vivid eyeliners and eyeshadow colors.

Vampire Makeup – Vampires are back! There’s a new vampire craze and you can go subtle or dramatic. It's a look that will take your breath away. You can even combine it with Gothic Makeup Tips for a romantic version. The choice is yours.

Gothic Makeup Tips – The newest makeup style on the scene offers lots of creative opportunities. It's daring makeup that you can morph into a variety of looks. It takes smokey eyes to a whole new level. You can easily transform it into a vampire makeup look in just seconds.

Face Painting Cheek Art – Yes, you can do face painting cheek art with makeup! You’ll learn simple face painting tips like what to use in place of glitter and how to make your body art last throughout the night.

Halloween Makeup Ideas  – These looks are Halloween Makeup for adults. When you’re in a rush and have only a few minutes the best fantasy makeup tip is to focus on your eyes. These looks are adaptable for year round.

Fantasy Makeup Inspiration

Where do you draw inspiration from for fantasy makeup? Anywhere!

The best tip for creating unusual makeup designs is to think vivid color. Color that makes people do a double take and glance twice. Look around you for incredible color combinations.

"Take clues from nature for colorful designs."

For instance, take the colors from a favorite butterfly photo and then adapt them to yourself. Yes, it’s bizarre and that’s why it looks so striking on the human face.
When the color is applied in a small freeform design it will naturally look more subtle. If you want drama use vivid or dark color and use more area for the design.

Makeup Artistry

Makeup artistry pushes makeup beyond all expectations. It's fun to enhance fantasy makeup designs and it's easy to do. The following makeup tips will give you some ideas.
Temporary Fairy Tattoos – Adding fairy wings or an entire fairy design in a temporary form is easy if you know how to apply temporary tattoos with a pro method. It tells you the insider tips for making them last as long as possible.
Cute Fairy Tattoos – Choose your favorite fairy design and capture her with a temporary tattoo. It can even be a test run for your final permanent design. This is the hottest tattoo trend in years and perfect if you love body art.
Crystal Tattoos – Stick on crystals add both sparkle and dimension to any makeup look. It can be seductive or wild makeup depending on the color of crystals you use. Try it to give your designs that professional look.
Crazy Colored Contact Lenses – Makeup artistry has inspired a whole new line of contact lenses. Fairies, vampires, elves and more will want to own a pair for those special gatherings and events. Add the wow factor to your makeup!

Digital Cameras Capture The Fun

When you create looks you love remember to capture them with your digital camera. It makes it easier to refer back to. You can either recreate the same look or modify your designs. Plus, if you’re face painting with children then you are creating memories for a lifetime. Document your favorite designs with a digital camera in your makeup diary.


Makeup Tips For Green Eyes

"How To Enhance Your Color Of Green"

The best makeup tips for green eyes are the ones that play upon the the natural flecks of light emanating from your irises. You can use these tips to find your which colors work for your particular shade of green. When you’re done you’ll be able to quickly select new colors in the range that is right for you. Yes, you can wear blue eyeshadow!

Gorgeous Green Eyes

When it comes to makeup tips for green eyes keep in mind that there are different shades of green. Green eyes can be very light to deep green. There are also shades that appear to be nearly turquoise. The majority of green eyes will fall into one of the four color levels below. Select the level that is closest to your color. Then try out the recommendations for eyeshadow selections.

Makeup Tips For Eyes: 4 Green Levels

1. Are your eyes deep dark green? This color is also referred to as forest green. It is an intense green, the darkest of all greens. If you have this color you can wear almost any shade of eyeshadow and darker colors look especially good on you. In addition, you can wear most shades of eyeliner. The darkest brown eyeliners look exceptional on you.
2. Are your eyes sea green? (Almost turquoise?) This color range shows a distinct green tone that almost appears to be blue at times. You can wear everything from the light eyeshadows to the mid-range shades. Your color of green eyes even looks good in blue eyeshadow! The darkest eyeshadows can still be used for lining your eyes.
3. Are your eyes light to mid-green? This is a true green often with golden or pale flecks of color. Sometimes women with this shade of green have difficulty wearing darker eyeshadows. Limit the dark shadows to the outer edges of your eyes and use them for lining your eyes. Keep your choices of shadow to those that are not darker than your own eyes.
4. Are your eyes soft green and almost gray? Then they are a mysterious green. They are the lightest green. It's a tricky color and you may have encountered a number of problems in selecting eyeshadows. The truth is that you can wear most light to mid-range colors. You need to be extra careful not to overpower your color. Use medium colors to line your eyes with and use in the crease. Pass on the darker shadows.

Your Universal Color

Once you’ve determined your shade range it’s time to select colors. There is a universal color for green eyes – complementary color. The color that complements green is the one that is opposite it on the color wheel.
The opposite of green is red and the way that is translated in makeup terms is to choose a color with red in it. This means that purples, violets and mauves are actually your universal colors because they contain more red in them.
If you have a darker skin tone or you are tanned, you’ll find that these shades look striking on you!
Find out more about colors that work for you in Part 2!

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Makeup tips for seniors

When you hear the term "mature skin" do you know what it really mean? It means skin that is less elastic, less hydrated, and looser. It supports spots, lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. This is a normal occurrence and a result of life lived.
Mature skin is physiologically different from a young skin, and should be treated differently.

What happens to our skin as we age?

The epidermis, the outer layer of the skin, losses lipids, making the skin drier and thinner. The epidermis does not recover as quickly from injury and blemish. The skin becomes transparent and more susceptible to lesions.
  • The dermis, the inner layer of our skin losses collagen and elasticity. The supportive subcutaneous fat becomes thinner as well, causing the skin to sag. Pores, follicles and oil glands become prominent and the skin is more sensitive to sun.
  • Photoaging - changes in the color of the skin happen. Sun freckles, liver spots suddenly appear.
  • The skin becomes dry.
  • Gravity, facial movements, exposure to sun, to the elements, to smoke – all those affect the aging of the skin. Gravity causes drooping of the eyebrows, the eyelids, fullness under the chin and longer ears.

What is the best treatment to keep the skin in good shape?

Eating habits, smoking, sun exposure and genetics come to play in influencing the shape of our skin. For a mature skin, all the experts say the same thing: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Get enough sleep and avoid spending time in the sun without sunblock.

Makeup for Mature Skin

Read more: Makeup Foundation for Mature Skin: Makeup Tips for Older Women
Makeup for mature skin serves two purposes: add color to faded skin and cover small blemishes and wrinkles. It is important to understand that mature women's makeup is not done in orders to look younger.
It is done to accentuate the beauty of the mature look. The result should be a feminine look, radiant and compliment the body. Women with mature skin are no less attractive than young women - though in a different way of course.
Every few years a woman should reassess her makeup texture and color and adjust it to her changing skin. What looked good at 40 might not look as good at 50, with the texture of the skin continuing to change.
The makeup foundation for the mature skin should thus be less heavy. Mature skin tends to wrinkle easier with movement of the expression lines and heavy makeup might make those lines seem more visible. The base should be rich in moisture and not dry. So powders are not recommended. All makeup should be applied after the moisturizer had some time to be absorbed. Contrary to our natural inclination to cover what we can, the foundation should not be heavily applied. When the layer is thick it is not absorbed well into the skin and creates a "caked" look and feel. When it comes to makeup for the mature skin, less is more.

What kind of foundation to use?

There are a few steps you should take before you get to the foundation:


Primer is every good makeup artist secret weapon. It is a makeup base that is clear and oil-free. It improves the end result by bonding the makeup better to the skin and smoothing rough patches. Almost all the companies carry a Primer. It is applies after the cream has been absorbed and before you apply any other product. Primer helps neutralize the oils; it shrinks pores and makes the skin a little smoother to apply the makeup on. An eye Primer will ensure that the eye shadow will stay smooth for long hours and the lip Primer targets the small wrinkles around the mouth and softens dry and cracked lips.
Prices for a face Primer range from $11 for Temptu Primer to Jan Marini for $75.


The Filler comes in a tube or a pencil. It helps in filling in deep wrinkles for a few hours. The Filer is applied on the expression lines or under the eyes to reduce the swelling and brighten the area.


Used to conceal pigmentation and discoloration that can't be covered by makeup alone.
A green concealer will take care of red spots and broken blood vessels, an orange concealer will counter dark spots, and purple concealer will neutralize yellowish spots. It should be one tone lighter than your makeup.
Applying Concealer to the inner and outer corners of the eyes for example, will make the eyes appear refreshed and awake.


The foundation should match the color of your jaw. Mature skin needs all the moisture it can get, so try to stay away from powders. Use the products above to do little individual touch up, and then apply the foundation lightly.
For older women skin use liquid makeup that reflects light like Elizabeth Arden Intervene($19 - 36), Clinique Even Better Makeup ($15), Almay Anti-Aging makeup ($10), Laura Mercier Silk Cream foundation ($40), that add luminosity to the skin.
Tip: If you are used to using powder and feel naked without it, use a translucent powder and apply it to the T – your forehead and nose. If you apply it to the whole pace, it will make you look matted.

What to avoid when dealing with mature skin?

Matte makeup formulas: those make the skin look dull and dry.
Too much foundation: apply it lightly, so you won’t look overly made-up. If you have to stay long hours outside the house, apply it lightly and take the bottle with you for touch ups after lunch.
Wrong shade: make sure the shade of the foundation matches your skin tone in daylight as well as under the electric lights of the store. Revisit your decision of the shade every few years.
Wrong application: When applying the foundation use a soft sponge and make sure to blend the edges over your neck and under the ears.
Changes in texture, type and resilience, as well as changes in the shape of our eyes and mouth require an update to your makeup technic. There are plenty of good products for older women that can help you look your beautiful self. Apply it wisely and you'll be a winner.

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Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

Makeup tips for blue eyes are pretty straightforward. The trick is to learn which colors look better on blue eyes, and start with those, and then branch out with the colors that you are personally drawn to. Women have a unique ability to choose colors that are complimentary to them. Just because colors are suggested doesn't mean those are the only colors suitable for you to wear.

Colors For Blue Eyes

There are some colors that seem to be made for blue eyes. Icy pinks, silver, gold and violet all come to mind. You can expand your selection by also choosing taupe, gray, and other purples, like lavender.
If you want to add a little "oomph" to your makeup, try a bright blue instead. I know, I know. You've always heard bad things about blue eyeshadow. However, these makeup tips for blue eyes include bright blue eyeshadow because it will make your eyes really stand out. Try it and see what you think.
Also try turquoise, and if your eyes have green in them, mint green is a great choice. Bright pinks and fuschia are great choices as well. And if you really want to mix it up, try mixing black with another color. It will look striking and it usually best for nightwear.

Application Tips

Now, I wouldn't give you makeup tips for blue eyes without giving you tips to apply them. If you're already comfortable with your application you don't need to read on. But if you think you might like some guidelines to help you, keep reading.

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