THE FACE BRA sleeping mask promising sweet dreams

Don’t laugh at the Face Bra like I did. It’s a funny example of human creativity at its best. Release just this month the Face Bra should fit perfectly on anyone's list of weird items to buy. This is one of these creations that was not suppose  to  hit the market or go viral. But as we’ve witness in the past, those are usually the products that gain popularity. And with good reasons. I'll explain.

Have you ever heard of  BEATE UShse? Neither have I.  It’s a German company that sells adult entertainment like sex toys, lingerie and clothing.  The company will be hosting a lingerie show in Paris sometime this year, at the same time come up with a creative way to invite global clients to their show.  So they hired  award-winning agency: Interone  to craft an original concept..

As you guessed it, this request gave birth to the FACE BRA ! An inspiration of Beate Uhse’s most popular products which is send as an invitation to their clients.  It’s a small gift specifically design to make the client’s trip to Paris worthwhile. I guess clients love the product so much because they’ve purchase mass quantity to share with co-workers. With such success  Beate Uhse  is considering  the possibility of adding this unusual face mask to their regular product line. Do you think the Face Bra deserve all the buzz it’s getting in the market place?

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